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Need for a Community Centre

Sopwell is an area that has been identified as having pockets of deprivation and several poorer health outcomes than the district as a whole. [1],[2]   Issues such as high child and adult obesity rates, smoking and drinking rates and lower life expectancy are of great concern to us, and initiatives to address these could be implemented in a dedicated community hub.

We also know that fewer people have access to transport than across the district as a whole, and unemployment is above average. This means local and affordable social facilities will be greatly appreciated.

Community provision that exists is fragmented and limited, and none of the facilities are inclusive. These facilities, including a church hall, are comprehensively booked. On top of this, the area has recently lost a local pub and the site of the old Sopwell Youth Club, which has been derelict for several years now, is due to be redeveloped as housing.

What the community say they want

heartwordcloudpic.High on the list of needs in the community is a safe place for children and youths to do activities; a meeting place for adults, leisure activities for isolated young mums and elderly people. People want all sorts of activities including for SEN and disabled people; adult learning; fitness, cooking, craft and games. They want a community café, family activities and toddlers play. There is a clear wish for a meeting place for the over 50’s and a local place for advice sessions.


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