Community garden consultation: Thanks for your views

The Council consultation is now over. Thank you to residents who have had their say on where best to locate our community garden, and any other views you have.

We want this to be a positive community project in Sopwell, and will listen carefully to all views.

The survey and detailed information about the project can be found on the Council’s Open Consultations webpage:

The garden will be on St Albans City and District Council land, and is funded by a community grant.

For more information or any comments/questions contact:
Kate Swindells (Chair) at 
Peggy Sharpe, SADC Community Engagement Project Officer. Preferably by email: or telephone: 01727 819340

Abbots Avenue West planters

Grow Community – Sopwell at the Abbots Avenue West planters. Photo credit: Grow Community – Sopwell

The first stage of rejuvenating the Abbots Avenue planters kick-started in late May. A bit tricky with social distancing in mind so the core team took turns to weed, trim, dig and clean the beds.
We’re looking to repaint the planters soon, after consultation with local residents and Mandeville school, whose students painted the images on them quite a few years ago now.

We are slowly but surely introducing wonderful plants for the whole community to enjoy with an abundance of sage and oregano already on offer. We’ve added wild flowers for the local wildlife too!  Just waiting for some promised compost before we do any more planting.

If you’d like to be added to the watering rota for occasional watering duties, please keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates or contact us to receive our e-mail notifications.

Thanks to our experts at Food Garden Question Time

On Thursday 18th June 2020, the Grow Community – Sopwell hosted an online event with panel of three experienced local gardeners: Michelle, Amanda and Ian. They answered a range of questions from local growers on topics including the best fruit trees for patio pots, how to grow asparagus and cauliflowers, and how best to compost. Some fascinating insights into growing your own fruit and veg for people to take away and use in their own gardens and allotments. Thank you to our panellists for their time and expertise!

April-June 2020 Seed and seedling giveaway

We’ve got a selection of edible and wildlife-friendly seeds and seedlings available to giveaway, and always appreciate donations (please label them!)

Seeds: Pumpkins and sunflowers

Seedlings: Pumpkins, sunflowers, French beans, carrots, leeks, lettuces, redcurrant, raspberries, cabbage, chives, tomatoes, chillies, aubergines, cucumber, runner beans, courgette.

Also still some sunflower seeds left for The Great St Albans Sunflower Challenge.

Go on, give it a grow. #GrowTogether

  • Come along and collect after 10 am and before 8pm, every day.
  • End of Leyland Avenue – walk right down to the cul de sac end.
  • Please follow coronavirus guidelines.
  • Check whether your selected seedling needs to be protected from frost.


In March 2020, #GrowTogether The Grow Community wants to support you to grow at home. We will be putting out a tray with free compost and seed packets for people to take away and plant at home. There’ll be an information leaflet too. We can then offer you lots of advice, and support you growing at home through our online channels.

Follow our step-by-step guides here.

Please email us or comment on the Facebook post if you would like to join in. We can then let you know when and where to collect the packs from.

Please be considerate and only take one set per family. And please stay safe, practice social distancing and wash your hands.