Location – Marlborough Pavilion Open Space

Together with the council, we have identified a space that we think might work for a community centre – at the Marlborough Open Space area. There used to be a community hall on this site many years ago, and it is in walkable distance for most Sopwell residents.

At present, there is an out-dated, basic sports pavilion sited here – the Marlborough Pavilion. This one room plus changing room, and tiny cramped kitchen area is not fit for purpose as a community meeting space.


Malborough Club Trails BMX club have developed a BMX track

Within the open space, the Malborough Club Trails BMX club have developed a BMX track, and Verulam Cycling Club (VCC) use the area for youth cyclo-cross activities in the winter season. VCC are interested in seeing cycling facilities expanded at the site, not just for sport but for the whole community to utilise. They believe the site would be an ideal location for a ‘St Albans Cycling Hub’ due to its proximity to the Green Ring, Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre, Verulamium Park and the city centre.

There is also a multi-use games area (MUGA) and football pitch. The pitch is used by a Sunday League football team and a youth football group.

The Malborough Pavilion Open Space is situated on the outskirts of Sopwell, surrounded by countryside. (Picture courtesy of Malborough Club Trails)


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