Marlborough Pavilion: View The Plans

Image credit: Kyle Smart Associates and St Albans City and District Council (Design and Access Statement)

Some fantastic news in our journey towards getting a Community Hub for Sopwell: The full planning details for the proposed building at the Marlborough Pavilion site are now available for public viewing, and we can finally show you what the new centre will look like! For more information, view the Documents section for the application on the SADC Planning Portal (a good place to start if you want an overview of the building is the “Design and Access Statement” document, about half way down the list).

Image credit: Kyle Smart Associates and St Albans City and District Council (Design and Access Statement)
Image credit: Smith Jenkins Town Planning (Planning Statement, Marlborough Pavilion, St Albans)

Community hub planning application set for March

Artist’s impression of proposed community hub. Image credit: St Albans District Council

We are pleased to let you know that we are a step closer in getting our hoped-for community hub at the Marlborough Pavilion site in Sopwell.

A planning application for the project is due to be submitted by St Albans District Council next month, with the proposed building including “a main hall of 100 square metres, a café, a kitchen suitable for providing event catering and Changing Places toilets. There will also be wudu wash facilities for members of the Muslim community to carry out ablutions before prayer and a multi-faith quiet room for anyone to use for personal reflection or prayer.” These are alongside a cycle hub and outside improvements to the local BMX track.

Read the whole press release on the Council website here and the associated Herts Advertiser piece here.

CASH’s AGM 2020

Photo credit: K Swindells

We hope that everyone is safe and well at the moment. Given the unusual circumstances, we are not having a face-to-face Annual General Meeting. However, we would like to keep you all updated as to where we are and a reminder of what we have been up to (despite several recently cancelled events!). We look forward to next year returning to normal and being able to resume our community get-togethers.

Latest update on the Community Centre project

On Monday 2nd March, the Cottonmill and Sopwell Hub committee met with the SADC Marlborough Pavilion Project Management Team.

As mentioned previously, the project is now at pre-construction stage. The council have also identified the funding, in principle, for the whole Marlborough Pavilion redevelopment project. The funding will come from a share of the capital receipt from the Leyland Avenue project (redevelopment of the old Sopwell Youth Club site) and an application to British Cycling for some additional funding.

To ensure the project keeps moving forward the council have agreed to fund this next stage, which is organising a variety of technical surveys and consultancy assessments of the site. Their results will be used to assess what the best development options are, inform the eventual design, and how to gain any necessary planning approvals.

The council have also appointed an architectural design service who have produced some concept designs for the potential new community centre. At the meeting we discussed these designs in depth and gave our feedback about what we liked and what we didn’t like in regards to the proposed layout and facility provision for our community’s needs.

The council will also be meeting with the other joint partners in this project over the next few weeks to discuss their thoughts.

We will continue to keep you informed as and when we have any new information available to us.