CaSH’s Scavenger Hunt at the Marlborough Pavilion Open Space

Can you find where these views were taken at the Marlborough Pavilion Open Space? When you get to each spot, answer a question about the area. You can check your answers by filling them in on the crossword below:

Can’t see the crossword here? You can click this link to access it

CLUE 3 DOWN Can you find this tree in the grounds? Some trees keep their leaves all year round and are called evergreens. This is an oak, which loses its leaves – do you think the road Old Oak was named after this tree? What do you call a tree that loses its leaves in Winter and regrows them in Spring?

Need a hint? Highlight here:

The answer begins with a “D”.

Still not sure? Highlight here:

An anagram of the word is OUCUDDIES.

CLUE 5 ACROSS Find these posts. When games are played, these posts have nets on them. What game is played here?

Want a clue?

Famous players of this game include Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney and Marcus Rashford.

Another clue…

You don’t use your hand to play this, you use your…

CLUE 8 ACROSS Can you spot where this picture was taken? The building at the back of the picture is often called “the Abbey”, but what is its more formal name?

Want some help?


Still not sure?

An anagram of the name is A LATCH SANDBLASTER.

CLUE 1 DOWN This is a picture of the pump track. Watch out for bikes! If the Abbey is roughly to the North West of the Marlborough Pavilion, what direction was this picture taken in?

Have you guessed yet?

The picture was taken in the opposite direction to the Abbey.

Still stuck?

North is the opposite of South, West is the opposite of East.

CLUE 2 ACROSS Can you spot this building in the distance? It’s Ziggurat House, near St Albans City station. In the middle of the picture is a large green space and what looks a bit like a sand pit. What game is played on the green?

Can you guess?

The sand is a bunker.

Here’s another hint…

You use clubs to play this game.

CLUE 4 ACROSS You can just spot water through the trees. Don’t go past the boundary. Some of this is flooding, but there is a river there. Which St Albans river runs behind the Marlborough Pavilion?

Here’s a clue…

The river is named after the Roman name for St Albans.

Still not sure?

The Roman name for St Albans is the name of the biggest park in St Albans.

CLUE 6 DOWN The MUGA is lit up at night so that people can still play games here. How many lightposts are there around the court?

Do you need a clue?

The lightposts are the tall posts just outside the fencing.

Nearly there…

You can see half the lightposts in this picture.

CLUE 7 ACROSS Find this sign on the fencing around the basketball court, often referred to as the MUGA. Have a look at the sign, what does MUGA stand for?

Need a hint?

Letters in the words of the name: 5, 3, 5, 4.

And another?

Look under Marlborough Pavilion Recreation Ground…

Well done! You’ve completed the hunt. Did you have a favourite view?