100 Club Winners June 2019

100 Club FBOn Sunday 30th June 2019 we announced our first 100 Club winners at Larks in the Parks.

Congratulations to the lucky winners! The prize pot was £75 and here is how that prize money was allocated.

1st Prize £37.50: Sandy Walkington #36

2nd Prize £22.50: Sandra Hanton #1

3rd Prizes of £7.50 each: Denise Parsons #16 and Mark Harrison #28

We will contact the winners individually and transfer their winnings electronically with the next two weeks.


We have 50 numbers in the 100 Club at present. Should you like to join for the next 3 draws, at £9 per number, you can do so by filling in our online form.

Thanks again for all those who are supporting the Hub campaign through our 100 Club!




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